About us

Hello my name is Andrej and I live in Germany. I am an absolute fan of useful items that make everyday life easier. I'm always looking for new cool products, and if I find something I would like to share it with others or pass on.

My dream is to raise so much money that I can live in the USA. Until then I have to live and work in Germany but I have a goal and I follow it every day and work very hard for it.

For me it is very important that customers trust me and that can only work if I offer a 100% reliable customer service. I only work with the most reliable suppliers who are tested before. In addition, the products are tested before I sell them.

It is very important, if you are not satisfied with the purchased product, please let me know immediately by email info(a)trendshaunt.com I will immediately take care of the problem. I can promise you one, I solve the problem very quickly with the simplest means and, of course, to the full satisfaction of the customer.

Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for me so let me prove it.



Shipping Time:

The delivery times are on average 2 to 4 weeks and should not be longer. If the delivery time is exceeded you will get your money back and can excuse the ordered product for free.

Refund warranty:

If you are not satisfied with the purchased product, please contact me immediately at info (a) trendshaunt.com and I will solve the problem very quickly and in favor of the customer.

Cancel Order:

Our processing time for the order is 2 days, which means you have 2 days to cancel the order. Why do we need 2 days to process an order? precisely for this reason, the customer still has the time to cancel the order.


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