Cat Self Grooming Wall Massage Brush With Catnip

Shipping time: 2 - 4 WEEKS


Your cat is going to absolutely love this wall brush! Cats naturally love rubbing against things, add in a massaging brush with some catnip and you have an absolute hit for the little furballs. Easily attaches to any wall with screws and #M sticky pads. Place in multiple places in your house. Makes a great gift idea for any cat lover!

  • ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - Not Available In Shops
  • LOVE Cats? If so you NEED this brush for your kitty
  • Soft bristles allow your cat to massage itself  
  • FREE Catnip to attract your kitty
  • Collects loose hair minimizing shedding
  • Easy to attach - Screws and 3M sticky pads included
  • Place in multiple places in your house
  • Great Gift Ideas For Any Cat Lover

Now available in 3 different colors!


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