Gorilla Gripper

Shipping time: 2 - 4 WEEK


Safe and easy way to grip, lift and carry all types of sheet materials, doors and worktops. Soft-grip cushioned handle. Significantly reduces stress and potential injuries to your back, shoulders, neck, hands and fingers. 

A must for those handling large cumbersome boards and doors on a daily basis. It turns a 2 man job into a one man one single handed job. Lightweight but incredibly strong aircraft aluminium with special rubber gripping pads.It allows you to lift and carry large sheet materials from the top without bending or lifting, using your back or wrists and fingers.

Lifting with the legs and a straight back is safer and faster way to move heavy materials.

Item Weight: 813g (1.8 Pound)
Load Rating: up to 45kg (100lbs)


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